how to order

1.Display the online shop website page

online shop logo

Click the "Online Shop" tab at the top of this website.Next, select your desired mailing address, and display the "Online Shop" website page.

2.Add to cart


When you find a product you want, clickadd to cartbutton underneath the product.

When you do, your PayPal shopping cart page will be displayed, and the product you ordered will be reflected in the cart.

After that, if there is another product you want to order, click thebotton1button directly underneath the shopping cart.

When your order is complete and you are ready to pay, click either thebotton2 button or the botton3 button of your shopping cart.

Then follow the directions on the PayPal screen.

3.Payment Method


Payment is made by PayPal.

If you do not have a PayPal account, please create one.

Please follow the directions on the PayPal site to process your payment.

4.Please reply to the confirmation e-mail


A message will be sent from I. PLUNA to your designated e-mail address to confirm the shipping address and other details.

Please check the contents of that message and reply.

5.We will ship the product(s) to your designated shipping destination


Once we confirm your reply and your payment via PayPal,we will ship your product.