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Gel Nettoyant de PLUNA  

série de base

Oil-free cleanser that is safe for use on sensitive skin.

   Taille  63g   1,980 JPY (TTC)  

This oil-free cleansing gel works on sensitive skin, lash extensions, and acne-prone skin.

◎ Points

  • Makeup remover containing ginseng and gold leaf.
  • For sensitive skin.
  • Works on lash extensions.
  • Formulated with Coix lachryma-jobi (Job's tears) to remove warts and combat rough, gritty skin.

◎ Soins de base de la peau

Première étape
Gel Nettoyant de PLUNA
  • démaquillage
Remove makeup with Oil-free Cleansing Gel,suitable for persons with sensitive skin and for lash extensions.
Deuxième étape
Lotion au collagène de PLUNA
  • Texture
With a soft, mild texture, it penetrates the skin quickly.
Hydrates while smoothing out fine lines.
Troisième étape
Lotion au collagène de PLUNA
  • fermeté
Massage with a thick beauty essence.
Promotes blood flow and lymph circulation, for plump, firm skin.
quatrième étape
Crème au collagène de PLUNA
  • éclat
Finish skin care routine by sealing nutrients and moisture in the skin for a radiant glow.

◎ Méthode de soins

Put 6 pumps' worth in your hand and massage your skin to remove impurities.

Then wash and rinse with facial cleansing soap.

※For heavy makeup, remove slowly and thoroughly.

If it doesn't come off easily, repeat.

◎ Remarques sur l’utilisation

Faire le teste d’allergie avant d’utiliser.

Ne pas placer au soleil direct.

Arrêter de l’utiliser en cas des reactions anormales.

Ne pas placer au soleil direct ni aux endroits très chauds et humides.