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Shipping Method

We ship all products from Japan by EMS (Express Mail Service)

EMS is a speedy, safe, and reasonably priced international shipping service.
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Delivery Areas

Our delivery areas conform to EMS's delivery areas.

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Payment Method

PayPal is the only payment method accepted.

PayPal is a payment service that can be used throughout the world.
PayPal offers a safer, more convenient way to pay.

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Terms of Overseas Shipment(for consumer)


Please be informed that we do not accept the return or exchange of goods for reasons such as the non-arrival of a confirmation email of your order, differences in prescription or the presence or absence of an instruction manual, as well as the presence or absence of the package films and outer boxes.

IF THE GOODS ARE DIFFERENT THAN THE PRODUCTS YOU ORDERED, OR IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED DEFECTIVE OR DAMAGED GOODS, PLEASE CONTACT US WITHIN SEVEN DAYS. We will pay the shipping cost for the return or exchange of goods only if the item is unused.

In the case of returns, after checking the actual product in our company, we will issue a refund through PayPal.


※ Note

Products will be shipped from Japan. In the course of international shipping and domestic transportation within your country, there may be situations in which the boxes are slightly crushed or the containers are scratched. Please note that if the cause of damage is related to shipping conditions such as these, it is covered by warranty in accordance with EMS provisions, and it is not eligible for return or exchange by our company.

Import clearance may require customs duties and VAT. Before placing an order, please confirm the importing country's customs clearance system for imports. Please notice that the import clearance is the responsibility of the importer.

Cooling-off and Product Liability Act

Cooling-off and the PL Act do not apply. We do not accept goods returned for reasons of the customer’s convenience, such as that the goods do not fit the customer’s skin or are different than what the customer expected. Please review thoroughly and then place your order. Before you press the order button, please make sure to confirm the content of your order.

※ Cooling-off is a system that is applied to door-to-door sales, etc., in which consumers may place orders under pressure; it allows them to make a cancellation within a certain period of time. It does not apply to mail orders and personal imports.