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As shown in our slogans “A Beautiful Neck” and “A Neck that Looks 5 Years Younger,” we are pioneers in promoting the concept of neck beauty.

The areas of the neck, decolletage,and of course, the face are the first ones to show signs of aging; we encourage you to use plenty of our products in caring for these areas.

In terms of the products in our cosmetics shop, we recommend the easy-care set of facial cleansing soap, lotion, and cream. For a detailed explanation about the products, please refer to the page for each product.

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  • Due to the use of natural ingredients, storage conditions such as temperature, humidity, and sunlight may change the hardness and colour of the product, and the inner lid of the container may become yellow. However, there will be no problem with using the product.
  • Store PLUNA cosmetics away from direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity; please use up within 6 months after opening.
  • Please store carefully, in the same way as you would store food.
  • Our company’s Kurobuta Collagen cosmetics series is committed to using natural plant ingredients and uses carefully selected natural materials. Therefore, since the colour of the raw materials in the production process is not necessarily always the same, some differences may be noticed in the colour of the product at the time of manufacture, and the viscosity (thickness) of the product may also vary due to a temperature difference at the time of delivery.

This problem could be solved for the most part by adding large amounts of ingredients such as antioxidants, preservatives, and colourants.

But we will not.

Because our creeds ; Safety and security, give us deep commitment to natural ingredients.

However, in order to keep it safe for use on sensitive skin and for children and the elderly, we choose to avoid adding unnecessary chemical components as much as possible.

The company is already proceeding with research and development, as much as possible with natural ingredients, to improve its products’ colour and fragrance variations as well as hardness. It will take some time for us to improve the ingredients.

Requests for customers who use our products

There are certain drawbacks to our products that result from our commitment to natural ingredients. We ask you to kindly understand the situation and be careful about storage. We also would like to ask for your long-term love and support.

Products may be purchased using NP deferred payment, cash on delivery, Paypal, or credit card via Paypal on this site.